I’ve had the pleasure of recording dozens of local church worship teams, large and small from around the world. Being the producer allows me to come alongside as teacher and mentor through the whole process from songwriting to finished master. At the end of the project, you will not only have a collection of recorded songs, but also a shared experience that will be cherished with your whole community for years to come. I go to great lengths to involve as many musicians from your church as possible. Many of the bands I produce continue to create and make more recordings using the tools I share. Instead of just singing everyone else’s greatest hits, consider creating a project that has your unique voice of worship in the Kingdom of God.

 Here are the services I provide:

Producing & Engineering

 Studio or Live Recording of Your Worship Team (in your city or mine, or both)

 EP (3-6 Songs)
This is a great affordable option for most churches. Get the full experience and capture your best songs. 

 Full Length (10-15 Songs)
If you are ready to live the dream and go big this is a great experience. When you record 10+songs you get a lot of bang for your buck.

 Single (1 Song)
A great option if you want to dip your toe into the recording process and get one really well-produced song.

To schedule a FREE 30-minute phone or Skype consultation to talk about recording your worship team you can email me


Allow me to mix and make excellent something you’ve already recorded. I can work with your homegrown tracks and bring them to life. Email me to inquire about rates.

 Worship Song Evaluation

I have evaluated thousands of songs for songwriters. My goal is to help you craft songs that the church will sing. Having been mentored by some of the greatest songwriters in the church today (Matt Redman, Casey Corum, John Barnett). I wear the “hats” of sing-ability and theology and can help you to find the depth lacking in many worship songs today . Email  for more info on the Worship Song Evaluation process.

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