A Worship Leader’s Guide to Not Leading Worship

5 Big Ideas


Whether you are a volunteer or paid worship leader, your influence within the community is operating both on and off stage. What you choose to do and don’t do will impact your teams, future leaders, and your own family. Let’s consider a wider realm of influence for our key leaders, one that takes into account more than just the “worship leading” role, which is vital. Leaders, consider these questions:

  • Do your teams get a chance to see you follow or are you always the boss?
  • Do you intentionally plan time away from the stage?
  • Does your church culture reward rest and simply being present?
  • When was the last time you took communion or received prayer at the altar? Are you always playing music or fixing issues?

NOTE: Although, this article is worship leader focused, these concepts can work across the board in kids ministry, preaching teams, and any conceivable team in the church.

Here are 5 PLACES you can lead, by not “leading”:

1. On the Stage, co-leading 

This is all about developing those around you. Train others to do everything you do. You could ask up and coming leader to run the rehearsal, lead the opening prayer, or facilitate the communion invitation. If you are interested in growth and discipleship, there should be several weeks throughout the year when you are simply supporting someone else who is leading. If music is your thing, form disciples as you make it!

BIG IDEA: Always be training someone to do everything you do.