How To Record Your Worship Team

Making Your Own Greatest Hits

How To Record Your Worship Team

The first part of this article will be all about the vision and inspiration; in the second part I will break down specifically how do it.


It used to be that only major labels and artists willing to spend tens of thousands of dollars could record their music. Today just about any worship ministry in a local church can afford to record original songs or other worship songs that will benefit your local congregation. Fourteen years ago our church worship band (called Poured Out Like Wine) recorded its first album of original songs entitled “Songs of VCC”; although it was far from perfect, the whole church fell in love with it! It was a boost to corporate worship and the sense of family in our local church. Since then we have written and recorded five more full length album’s, four EP’s and several singles in our little church. We have fostered a culture of musicians and songwriters and now enjoy a catalog of over 300 original songs and recordings that are uniquely us! 

Check out the story of what we are recording now.