15 Gift Ideas for Worship Leaders Unique ideas to bless the musician in your life

It’s that time of year again where you want to get the perfect gift for the church musician in your life. Buying something thoughtful or useful for a musician can be hard; they know what they like and they know what actually works. Because finding the perfect something can be a tall task, I’ve put together a list of creative gifts that any worship leader or church musician would enjoy. I’ve already vetted all the options, read the reviews and chose the perfect product.

Buying presents for a creative person means that your gift will not just be consumed, but be used to multiply goodness into the world. Happy shopping and giving!

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Here are some great titles that would bless the worship leader in your life. These are “easy” reads, but still intellectually rich and lasting. Even if they already have one of these titles, these are all classics and will be a welcome duplicate to share on the bookshelf of any worship leader.

For All God’s Worth – N.T. Wright

You Are What You Love – James K.A. Smith

A Brief History of Christian Worship – Jame F. White

The War of Art – Steven Pressfield

Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration – Ed Catmull 


2. Low Profile Folding Guitar Stand

Most guitar players could use an EXTRA GUITAR STAND that breaks down but still can hold the instrument safely. This particular stand is a personal favorite. It’s so common to show up to a church or a gig and realize you don’t have a stand for your guitar, this low-profile stand will be the perfect practical gift. This adjustable stand fits acoustic guitars, electric guitars, basses, and ukuleles.

K&M Heli 2 Guitar Stand Folding A-Frame for Acoustic and Electric Guitars (17580B)

3. Guitar Humidifier

This highly rated GUITAR HUMIDIFIER is the perfect gift for any acoustic guitar owner that wants to keep their guitar in perfect health. Even if they already have one, they could use another. This is the perfect unexpected stocking stuffer for the guitarist in your life.

4. Throat Coat Tea

HERBAL MEDICINES THROAT COAT TEA  is world-famous with singers in every genre of music. It’s perfect for worship leaders or anyone that’s just “not feeling it” early Sunday morning. Couple this gift with TEA KETTLE on this list and you will be a best friend forever!

Traditional Medicinals Herb Tea Og1 Throat Coat 16 Bag

5. Theo Wheel (Simple Music Theory Tool)  

This really well designed THEO WHEEL makes music theory simple for worship leaders and those they lead. I imagine this staying around the worship green room or in the office of a music leader. A really fun and educational gift!

6. Worship Training Posters

Brilliantly designed by artist Andrea Bryant, these  ONE OF A KIND POSTERS are a perfect gift for the worship leader and/or singer in your life.  “The Perfect Set List” offers some wise approaches on how to choose songs for a church service. The next poster is called “Before You Sing” and provides great guidance for vocalists before they sing. These look great hanging in a church green room or music director’s office. Order by Dec 15 for Christmas Delivery!

7. The Best of the Best Notebook for Creatives 

Leuchtturm is known for making the best notebooks. You will get a big smile from just about any creative person as they open this AWESOME NOTEBOOK that speaks for itself. Right before the new year, this book will be the perfect inspiration for new ideas, songwriting, and journaling.


8. Variable Temperature Hot Water Kettle

Hot water and tea are the secret weapons for just about any singer. Having THE PERFECT ELECTRIC WATER KETTLE for warming up water to a drinkable warmth is a must!

9. A Fun Foot Tambourine 

This FUN FOOT TAMBOURINE is the perfect gift for the worship leader or musician that has to multi-task. By just stomping your foot, you will turn you into the drummer you’ve always wanted to be. This might seem like a silly gift, but it’s very practical and will put a smile on your loved one’s face. Bonus: check out this very cool ANKLE SHAKER.



10. Nostalgic Tabletop Metronome

This groovy tabletop metronome (a device that helps musicians keep time) is a perfect gift for a musician. There are now countless computer and app-driven devices for keeping time, but this NOSTALGIC  TABLETOP METRONOME will fit perfectly in your musician’s office or practice space.

11. Stylophone Retro Pocket Synth

Having more instruments is always a good thing! This FUN LITTLE POCKET SYNTH will be a unique addition to the music makers in your life.


12. Clip-On Tuner

Staying in tune is job number one for the string instrumentalists in your life. We might already have one of these crucial devices, but we could always use another. Please buy us another CLIP ON TUNER we will thank you for it! This is for stringed instrument players.

Snark SN5X Clip-On Tuner for Guitar, Bass & Violin (Current Model)


14. Extra Music Stand Light

Every music maker at some point in their life needs a MUSIC STAND LIGHT. Dark stages can make reading music a drag and it’s nice to have one of these in your case. Bonus if you buy this before our Christmas Eve Candlelight service!


15. The Most Popular Affordable In-Ear Monitors

Most musicians are using in-ear monitors to listen to what they are playing on stage nowadays. I can’t count the number of times I have left my monitors at home and it’s always a great idea to have another extra pair. These IN-EAR MONITORS are really affordable and have incredible reviews! Tip: I suggest buying the clear ones since they are the most in-demand and least obstructive on the stage.


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