Worship Team Training

Every Team Needs Live Training

There are some amazing online tools for worship team and leader development, but nothing compares to gathering your team with a hands-on inspirational leader. Bringing in an outside voice is one of the best ways to inspire your worship ministry.

My heart is to awaken the “creative,” from the worship leader to the teenage drummer to the retired sound man, so we can all work together to inspire a monumental response to God! I want to help musicians REMOVE obstacles to Jesus, rather than unintentionally being one.

Contact me to talk about how we can raise the bar through virtual or on-site training for your worship ministry.

Worship Weekend – Upgrading Your Worship Ministry

The sky’s the limit in planning your worship training weekend. If your teams need practical help, based on technical music skill training, we can focus more on the stage. If the heart is the place of greatest need, we can spend a majority of our time in soul care and development. Many churches want a mixture of both. It’s very customizable. You can plan a one-time 3-hour session for your team all way up to a 4-day training event.

  • 4 DAY Worship Team Training: (Thursday Rehearsal, Friday 1 on 1 Coaching, Saturday Worship Team Training, Sunday Co-Lead Worship with your team)
  • 3 DAY Worship Team Training Package (Friday Evening, Saturday, Sunday)
  • 2 DAY Worship Team Training Package (Friday Evening, Saturday)
  • 1 DAY (Any day, great for universities and ministries)

Below is a sample of some of the most popular requested material we can draw on.


  • On Stage: Make Music Like a Producer
  • On Stage: 10 Tips for More Effective Rehearsals
  • On Stage: Worship Leader Master Class
  • On Stage: Sound Team Master Class
  • The $200 Vocal Lesson (good for non-singers as well) 
  • Creating The Perfect Set List
  • Multiplying Worship Leaders

The Heart:

  • What is Worship?
  • Selfie Worship, Shame, and Congregational Praise 
  • The Formational Power of Songs 
  • Your Next Set Matters: Becoming the Worship Team of God’s Dreams
  • Soul Care Weekend (with Susan O’Brien) 
  • Four on the Floor: Kingdom Worship Values in Practice 
  • Developing a Green Space for Worship Leaders (quiet time, journaling etc.)
  • Overcoming Performance Shame
  • Developing a Worship Teams that arrive to serve vs. being entitled
  • 10 Ways to Ruin Your Worship Ministry


  • Acapella Techno (group creative exercise) 
  • Songwriting for the Local Church
  • Songwriting Circles
  • Worship Circles 

Contact me anytime to discuss a future training session (virtual or on-site) for your worship ministry.

More About My Approach To Worship Team Training

Many coaches will train you using THEIR SYSTEM or VISION, but I prefer to come alongside the local church leadership to understand the vision for the church. We then, together, develop the worship team with that vision in view. In the practical realm of stages, drum kits, and sound systems etc… we look at and talk through tools that help and not hinder our worship, using everything from placement of guitar amps to suggestions for new microphone stands. We cover the most practical nuts and bolts of the stage, as well as the heart of the musician.

Check out the Worship Team Reboot Weekend section above for examples of what we can do. Churches are not one-style fits all. And, worship teams must reflect that. After my visit and consultation, you can expect a detailed follow-up and a list of practical things you can purchase to aid your church, as resources become available. Since I am in Atlanta, my air travel costs are usually very low and most of the time I can be anywhere in the country in 5 hours. Tell me what your needs are and we can talk about a plan to strengthen your team.

From Our Post Event Surveys:  

Incredibly valuable. Mike’s authenticity was refreshing and broke down the “mystique” element that often rears it’s head around the worship community… great work communicating “doin’ the stuff” as a worship team… not just doing music. Great balance of practical and philosophical – the both/and of our kingdom life. – Worship Team Member, Nashville TN.  tweet

Mike is an absolute boss when it comes to explaining and teaching music. I honestly felt that, as far as applicable knowledge goes, I learned more about how to put music together as a whole Saturday than I have with every other training/teaching I’ve utilized over the entire past year. – Worship Leader, Birmingham AL tweet

“The ‘Making Muisc Like a Producer’ class was some of the best, practical instruction I have ever heard.Worship Team Member, Houston TX  tweet

I liked the practical training on how to run a rehearsal. How to understand the different instruments and how to communicate with fellow team members. – Worship Team Member, Los Angeles CA tweet

The connection between the heart/relationships and worship is so IMPORTANT and presented so clearly and in such a gentle exhortation. Mike didn’t “preach” at us but still conveyed God’s expectations of us in worship. Worship Leader, Ann Arbor MI tweet

What Worship Leaders Are Saying

“We had an incredible worship team training weekend with Mike O. If your team is a hot mess of loudness and they need a little truth in love, you should really consider having him come to your church. If you are like us and think you’ve probably got it all figured out, you should really really consider having him come to your church. The best part of it was hearing the side conversations afterward from team members who have been doing the drill for years and were stirred up about playing better for the church. This guy is a gift to our movement.” – Caleb Neff, Worship Pastor Cape Coral Vineyard FL

“For anyone considering whether to invest in your church and/or your worship team, you will never regret saying yes and inviting Mike O’ to come join you. Through God using Mike, we have a defined path that we are headed towards. We had a team meeting about a month after the conference, and every single person said that they wanted to raise the bar with our worship on an individual level, as well as for our church. It is so encouraging as the worship pastor at VCC to see that developing amongst our team. Without Mike, it would have taken us years to find the path that was laid out in a two day period of time.” – Anna Shulte, Saint Louis Vineyard

Contact me
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  1. Hey man. Was wondering if you would share your notes from the worship team training this past Saturday in Ann Arbor. Want to share with the rest of our team. Thanks man!

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