3 Music Stand Tips for Worship Teams VIDEO

Is your Music Stand a Friend or Foe?


Musicians at all skill levels benefit from having a chord/lyric chart directly in front of them. Music stands are a unique need for the modern worship church culture and unfortunately, a huge distraction for the congregation and the musicians themselves. Increasingly, we are seeing music stands and cpu tablets just inches from the eyes of EVERY musician on stage. What if we used music stands as a reference instead of a lifeline? Check out my quick VIDEO below:

This advice is not for orchestra players that are reading actual musical staff arrangements, but for those who utilize basic chord charts.  

My name is Mike O’Brien and I am passionate about teaching and mentoring through music. My calling is to use my experience as producer, worship leader, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist to come alongside musicians, helping them more fully worship God with their instrument and lives. Contact me to talk about how we can raise the bar through virtual or on-site training for your worship ministry.

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5 thoughts on “3 Music Stand Tips for Worship Teams VIDEO

  1. I only know music stands to be an issue outside of my context. In my normal context or even normal world memorization is almost always expected. This reminded me more and more of the subcultures I belong to.