Winning the Volume War for Drummers VIDEO

Drummer Volume WareYour drummer and the drum set together make up one of the most critical variables in the overall sonic landscape of your gathered worship space. Many of us struggle from week to week and drummer to drummer to get the right balance.  This quick video will give you some tips to achieve the volume and velocity from the drummer that is best for your room.

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Winning the Volume War for Drummers gives 4 simple tips on how to help control volume and perceived volume in our services:

1. Tune your heart
Drummers, know the power you have to make the sound beautiful or brutal. Lay down your preferences (and your heavy metal cymbal set) and be a team player. You have been given incredible influence.

2. Tune your gear
A poorly tuned snare drum or $30 crash cymbal will sound “loud” even if it’s not. Learn to tune your drums and choose cymbals that don’t hurt the ears.

3. Choose your sticks
There might be a time where you have to use sticks you don’t prefer in order to help control the sound. Have lots of options on hand and don’t roll your eyes if someone suggests a different kind of stick.

4. Play to the room
Drums are fun to play because there is so much dynamic that can happen with every strike of the skins. Learn the nuance of loud, soft, super loud and super soft. Play to the room always and play to the song and the band. As we play these bold instruments in little rooms (often times before noon) it’s ok to be hyper vigilant about volume.

SHARE this post with your drummers; ask them what they think and how you can work better together to serve one another and the congregation we are leading. Worship team training happens one conversation at a time.


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